Pegase research unit is located in Brittany, one of the major agricultural regions in France (and Europe)

Brittany, at the western-tip of continental Europe, has many assets. Its coastline, combined with world-famous sites such as Saint Malo, the Mont Saint Michel, and the megaliths of Carnac has made it one of the most attractive regions for tourism in France.

Agriculture also plays a very important for Brittany. It accounts for 5.3% of employment in the region and generates annually 8.5 billion euros of revenue.
Animal production is the most important agricultural sector in Brittany. Of the 34,500 farms, 87% involve animal production.

The Pegase research unit has facilities at 3 locations in the agglomeration of Rennes, within a 10 km perimeter.

The Saint-Gilles location is the site where the majority of the INRAE staff works, and where the main laboratoty is.

The experimental facilities for dairy cattle and goats are located in Méjusseaume. Faculty members and some INRAE staff have their main offices at the campus of Institut Agro Rennes-Angers.

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