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Support Team

A team provides the administrative and technical support at the Pegase research unit. Much of their work is done “behind the scenes” and consists of a variety of activities.

Administrative services, informatics and library

  • 3.5 million euros operational budget
  • 40 research contracts
  • 2200 purchase orders and 650 suppliers
  • 900 travel arrangements
  • Administrative aspects of career development of 150 permanent staff (e.g., training, promotion)
  • Hosting of 60 temporary staff and trainees
  • At the Saint-Gilles site, we have a well-equipped library with access to 150 scientific journals (paper form), 1200 books, and 1000 theses in the field of animal sciences. The library also allows to access electronic journals and international bibliographic databases.


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Tél. : (+33)2 23 48 70 57
Courriel : Ludovic Brossard



Lou Anzemberg
Émilie Bernard  
Romain Bott
Ludovic Brossard
Myriam Burban
Marie-Hélène Couesnon
Laëtitia Heurlin
Tahamida Mhamad
Marie-Claude Quintard
Éric Roussel
Alain Valancogne
Gwendal Virlet

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