Fields of Research

Fields of Research

Research programs at the Pegase research unit address issues related to animal welfare, the efficiency of using natural resources to produce animal products, animal product quality and security, and the competitiveness, working conditions and environmental impact of the animal production. 

Our research can be characterized by:

  • A diversity in levels of approach: from genes to livestock production systems
  • A diversity in studying biological functions and physiological stages: perinatal, growth, lactation, reproduction
  • A diversity in disciplines: genetics, nutrition, physiology, ethology, systems analysis
  • A diversity in research approaches: from animal experimentation to modeling
  • A diversity in studying livestock species: dairy goats, dairy cattle, pigs, minipigs, broilers, laying hens, ducks, turkeys

This extremely rich and challenging environment helps us to better understand animal biology and to contribute to the development of sustainable livestock production systems.


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