Pegase : Physiology, Environment, and Genetics for the Animal and Livestock Systems

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Pegase au cœur du Grand Ouest

Pegase is a joint research unit (UMR in French) created in 2012 by Inra (Inrae) and Agrocampus Ouest (Institut Agro - Rennes-Angers). Pegase is the acronym for "Physiologie, Environnement et Génétique pour l’Animal et les Systèmes d’Elevage" (Physiology, Environment and Genetics for the Animal and Livestock Systems).

Situated in Brittany, in western France, in the centre of one of the main agricultural regions in Europe, only 2 h from Paris, Pegase employs about 120 permanent staff and 30 temporary staff and students. Pegase has facilities in 3 locations in the vicinity of Rennes.

Pegase conducts research on animal biology and livestock systems with the ultimate goal to improve the sustainability and the competitiveness of animal production systems. More specifically, we aim to understand how the animal and livestock systems adapt to current and future conditions and challenges.

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18 April 2023

Redaction: S. André and B. Lebret / Pegase

Breeding factors to improve various quality attributes ok pork

Improving the quality of pork by combining genetic type and animal feed.

10 February 2022


A python library for large-scale regulation network analysis using BioPAX