Professional partnership

Professional partnership

Partnership with applied research organizations

In the framework of the Joint Technology Units (UMT), Pegase collaborates with extension services and applied research organizations.

  • Within the UMT Riel 3.0, our work with IDELE (Institut de l'élevage) is focused on 5 objectives: improving dairy herd management strategies, optimizing animal feeding for multi-performance of farming systems, adapting livestock systems to climate change, improving the circularity of elements within dairy systems to reduce environmental impacts and aim for carbon neutrality, sharing the design and assessment of tomorrow's livestock systems.
  • Within the UMT DigiPorc, dedicated to digital technology for pigs, we work together with Ifip in the fields of nutrition (improved use of feed resources), reduction of environmental impacts of pig farming, animal health and welfare, product quality, and in an integrative approach to pig breeding. Modeling and high-throughput data processing approaches, as well as utility design to establish recommendations through the implementation of integration and/or prediction models are developed.
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Industrial partnership

Pegase's partnerships with private companies are carried out through joint research programs and contractual research. Over the last 5 years, we have worked with many actors from various fields, animal nutrition (mainly), processing of animal products (milk, pork) and genetic selection. Most industrial partnerships are established under the aegis of the Carnot Institute France Futur Elevage (F2E), or through industrial projects supported by the Brittany Region (e.g., the Valorial competitiveness cluster).

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Funding of PhD-scholarships

PhD students are co-funded through partnerships between public organizations (INRAE's scientific divisions or multidisciplinary metaprograms such as Sanba, Metabio, Digit-Bio) and local authorities (Brittany Region).
“Cifre” doctoral students, employed by private companies, are also very regularly hosted by Pegase.
Thesis topics are proposed through the Ecology, Geosciences, Agronomy, Food (Egaal) doctoral school in Rennes. Pegase also regularly hosts foreign doctoral students, codirected or just for a short stay, and post-doctoral researchers.

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